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Love Language, Eternal Summers - Recent & Upcoming Shows @ Blue 5
 Love Language, Eternal Summers 2/15/2019
INDIE ROCK SHOWCASE: THE LOVE LANGUAGE, ETERNAL SUMMERS, THE CONCERNS THE LOVE LANGUAGE You may not be able to see the gorgeous landscapes behind Baby Grand, Stuart McLamb’s fourth record as The Love Language, but they’re so essential to the picture you’ll feel them in every note. Started and finished on either side of a move across country, the album was completed in California; fragmentary demos recorded in, of all places, a cavernous Virginia hammock factory came alive when splashed by sunshine. “It was something just about being in a new city, and a new light,” McLamb says, “and reopening the sessions, and this demo that I thought was a throwaway, suddenly I’m really feeling it…” You can hear the freedom kick in when the backwoods country shuffle of “Castle In The Sky” explodes into a full-on aughts anthem, equal parts outstretched arms and pumped fists. Yet so much lies in the shadows behind these tracks: other states, other lives, other dreams, other relationships, fogged over perhaps but there nevertheless. Yes, Baby Grand has its share of breakup songs – nobody writes those better than Stu McLamb – but this time, even as something’s being mourned, something else is being worked through: not just lovers, but places and a time in life, have been left behind. ETERNAL SUMMERS Eternal Summers are a power trio from Roanoke, Virginia. They have done several U.S tours, put out 3 full length albums on Kanine Records, Silver (2010), Correct Behavior (2012) and The Drop Beneath (2014) plus a comp of early work called Dawn of Eternal Summers. Some would describe their sound as minimal pop, noise pop, shoegaze and post punk. Eternal Summers are here for you. THE CONCERNS Sometimes I think about truckers on acid, driving through the early 70's listening to jazz. Some sort of freedom and escapism. Avoiding the cities and opting for the mountains and swaying forests. Love is in the county; the quiet anxiety and peaceful breeze all come to form some sound that we hang around. Dreaming. Freaking out. Sleeping in the stream. We are The Concerns. We're a band. Big deal.

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